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E V E N T S :

In the old part of Sofia there is one experienced events, times and people tavern. Over 70 years within its atmosphere have been resting dear guests. We could not resist it, have kept it and named:

We drove round Bulgaria to collect for You the warmest memories of our grandparents and those who are still among us, with lots of love restored the withered away with  time costumes, sandals, strings, rugs, household items and tools .. .

Recreated an authentic atmosphere to push ourselves with You in the comfort of one past, but so beloved time.

Gathered outstanding professionals to provide the warmest welcome and best service.

With much skill we made the most delicious dishes, appetizers, salads, entrees on old recipes from the Bulgarian national cuisine. On the sparkling embers of the barbecue, chefs make the most fragile pieces of meat, the most dew-sprinkled vegetables and the most fresh bread.

With true passion we took a long time over to select sparkling wines and bewitching spirits of deep cellars.

With sincere joy we chose for You master folk orchestra, whose sounds are stealth folk music from all over Bulgaria. Upon Your desire, our professional dancers will make an exciting and unforgettable folklore show.